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On Sept 19 2020 we did our first Online Recital.

Many of the students’ friends and family, who live far away from them, could attend their recital for the first time.

We had a grandmother in Spain, a sister in England, parents in Canada and many out of state friends and family in the audience. 

Throughout the recital they wrote lovely comments on “chat” for the students to see. Then at the end, we unmuted everyone and there was applause and greetings and even some tears (good tears!)

The students introduced themselves and their performance choice. Their “stage presence” was evident as they addressed the camera like professionals and really communicated with their audience.

We had jazz, classical, folk and pop music. The individual character of each student shone through and left us all feeling happy and uplifted. 

Music Club

Once a month there is the opportunity to join me, Vera, for a casual, online music get-together.  Grab a drink and a snack and join the group.

This month we had a writing challenge.
Some singing and piano students had been given a month to write a melody for the same backing track. Other students attended just to listen, enjoy and be inspired.
Two of the students decided to work together, using GarageBand, to add even more layers to the composition. So we look forward to hearing that.

Next month we have students from a Music School in England joining us to compare notes on what they enjoy. Yet another advantage to online lessons!