Lesson Pricing

Piano Lessons. 
$35  30-minute lesson
$60  60-minute lesson.
Paid monthly in advance with Zelle or Credit Card.

Singing Lessons

$70  60-minute lesson
Paid monthly in advance with Zelle or credit card.


All prices are in US Dollars but you can pay in any currency.
Your bank may charge a small international conversion fee.

Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson then the lesson will be done by video. Vera will send you a video of the things you will be practicing during the week and you will send a video back to show the work you have done. That way you keep your regular time slot and your progress.

Discontinuation of Lessons
When you want to come off the weekly lesson schedule then you just give one billing cycle’s notice.


Once you have made payment for your upcoming month, no refunds can be given. The commitment and preparation for those lessons have already been made by the teacher.

Vacations and breaks
There are no lessons for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year. In addition, students are able to take another 4 weeks at any time during the year and still maintain their place.

Zoom Advanced Settings
In order to take part in our Recitals and Music Club, you must be on Zoom.  If you already have Zoom then the first job is to update it so you can access the latest advanced settings.

How to update Zoom:
1. Open Zoom
2. Click on your profile picture upper right
3  Click on check for updates
4. Download the new version

How to Adjust the settings for music:
1  Homepage. Click on gear icon top right-hand corner
2  Click on Audio
3  Turn input of your mic up high
4  Uncheck Automatically adjust mic volume
5  Put Suppress Background Noise on low
6  Check Automatically join computer audio when joining a meeting
7  Uncheck Mute my mic when joining a meeting
8  Now go to Advanced (bottom right)
9  Echo cancellation on Auto
10 Check the box Show in-meeting option
to enable original sound from microphone
11 Uncheck Disable echo cancellation
12 Check High Fidelity Music Mode

Recommended microphones for singers:
1. Yetti Blue USB mic $100 – $120 or
2. Mayoga USB mic    $52
Having a mic connected directly into your device will greatly improve the quality of your lessons.