Our Classes

Piano Lessons

Do you want to play Mozart or Pop or both?
How about a little Jazz or Blues?

There are two basic approaches:
1  Learning to read sheet music
2  Learning Scales and Chords

I recommend doing both. It’s great to be able to read the music for your favorite computer game or song, but it’s also nice to sit there without music and make it up as you go. Two very different things.

Each student has a preference depending on their talent and taste.

So think about what you’d really love to play and let me know.

And bye the way, if you’ve hated doing scales in the past, then you won’t when it’s to Bass and Drums. My “Scale Jams” are a big hit with the students.

It takes practice though. Just 30 minutes a day should do it.
(Of course, I won’t stop you from doing more!)


Technical Stuff.

You can learn on a piano or a keyboard but you’ll need a music stand and a sustain pedal (pedal on the floor that when you push it down, makes the notes last longer). You should also have a proper keyboard stand and a chair/stool that is the right height. This need not be expensive and these things are usually sold in a bundle.

I teach on Zoom. Zoom has advanced settings that are designed for music. (Go to the Fees page to check those out)
You will get the best result from a Mac laptop but I also have students with a P.C., a tablet and even a cell phone.

I send sheet music to my students as an e-mail attachment. They either print it out or use a second devise to display it.

I also send audio files as an e-mail attachment.