Our Classes

Singing Lessons

I specialize in teaching Popular Music (except R&B/Soul)
I do not teach classical singing.
The technique for pop is very different from classical.
So again, I start with you identifying the type of music you would like to sing.


This is what you will need for your lessons:
A device for the Zoom call
A second device to play the backing tracks or audio files which will accompany your singing.
A USB microphone (See Fees page for recommendations)
A mic stand, so you can stand up while you are singing.

Singing lessons break down to these 4 things:

1 Breathing exercises
2 Vocal exercises
3 Song choice
4 Stage presence

Breathing Exercises
So let’s say you just learned 3 new breathing exercises in your lesson. Next day at home, you can’t quite remember them. No problem! You will have a video demonstration by Vera to copy.
This way, practice is easy and you will not develop bad habits between lessons. Breathing exercises will power up your singing!

Vocal Exercises
You may have to make some unusual sounds and even pull some strange faces, but it is here that we unlock your voice, smooth it out and increase your range. You can record the lesson on Zoom which can be helpful later. Students receive audio files of their vocal exercises to sing along with at home. You are supported every inch of the way!

Song choice
More than half the job of sounding good is to have the right song in the right key. You’ll learn to find the type of songs that suit your personality and your voice type. You’ll learn to recognize when they are in the right key for you.

Stage presence
Posture, facial expression, eye-contact and “working the room”.
There’s an art to making each member of the audience feel that you are singing just for them. Your lessons will really improve your communication and confidence.